Film2Future Awards Night

This summer, I had the very distinct pleasure of spending two weeks photographing the students and instructors at an amazing program called Film2Future. Held at Emerson College in Los Angeles, Film2Future is a two week intensive course, aimed at underprivileged high school students, to give them a basic introduction to the film industry. Workshops during the two weeks included guest speakers - everyone from actors like Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec) and Malcolm Goodwin (iZombie) to YouTube personalities, to casting agents, directors and producers and talent agents. They even had at least one Oscar winner (2016 winner for Sound Editing Mark Mangini) come to speak to the kids. 

With such a great and varied staff at the non-profit school, it was no surprise that the culmination of the program was a beautiful night premiering each of the student films and an awards ceremony for the teams. Having spent some time with these kids, and seeing how hard they worked, they absolutely deserved such an amazing night. 

Film2Future will be continuing again next year, with a new group of students and I'm sure, a new group of amazing talented industry professionals to guide them. I look forward to being able to be part of it again. 

Here are some of the highlights from the awards ceremony: 

Portraits From the Wasteland

For the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of attending the annual Wasteland Weekend event in California City, California. Out in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert, for four days, approximately 2500 crazy Mad Max fans descend on H Park near Edwards Air Force base and set up a functional Bartertown, a fully functional Thunderdome (in which attendees can fight each other), a vendor selling Dinki Di "dog food" in the movie accurate cans (don't worry - it's not dog food, but kangaroo meat chili) and a number of characters from the Mad Max films - everything from War Boys, to Immortan Joe, to Furiosa to every incarnation of Max himself. Something about being out there in the Wasteland has inspired me to start working on something new. Starting with my own wonderful and willing tribe members, (Tribe Neverwas), I am working on a series of Post-Apocalyptic Portraits. For now, here's some from this past weekend at Wasteland Weekend 2016. I'm hoping to work on more in the coming months. 

Super Saturday Isn't Always About Sports.

Recently, I was invited to help shoot a wonderful event for a fantastic cause - The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's annual Super Saturday Sample Sale at the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. Even though the sky was threatening most of the day and we got a little damp from the rainfall now and again through out the day, the sale was a huge success, bringing out fashionistas looking for great deals, celebrities and guests from all over to take advantage of the amazing discounts - all to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 

The event was hosted by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her dear friend, actress Molly Sims, both of whom brought their families and were seen having a great time checking out booths and enjoying all the event had to offer. 

At the end of the day, shoppers went home happy with their purchases, myself included! Even though I was busy shooting all day, I took a few minutes to grab a couple pairs of amazing yoga pants by local shop Zobha for a steal! 

If you have a chance to check out this event next year, I would highly recommend it! 

Happy Holidays! New Store! And New Work Coming Soon!

It's the holidays! Now that we're all done stuffing ourselves silly with turkey and pie, it's time to look forward to Christmas and Hannukah. And I, for one, am excited. 

I have a few things going on at LaurenElisabeth - not the least of which is some new work that's just around the corner. But for now, I'm taking the next month off. I won't be sitting on my butt doing nothing, but unfortunately I will be sitting on my butt; surgery to repair a damaged knee is going to put me on the bench for a few weeks. While I'm on downtime, I'll be working on some new pieces to show. 

In the meantime, be sure to check out my Etsy store for prints of some of your favorite pieces we've done in the past. Each of these prints is the last of it's kind - limited run signed prints are only available until they sell out. Once they're gone, they won't be sold again. We're currently running a special. Fifteen percent off everything in the store until Christmas with coupon code "lastrun." 

The good news is that you'll still be able to get my pieces through our new store at RedBubble. Our storefront is ready and open for business, with a variety of fun and unique pieces that are perfect for Christmas. Cell phone covers, laptop sleeves, journals, and even pillows with our prints on them - great the person in your life who is hard to shop for. I've got four different collections currently for sale with more coming soon. Have a look at the shop here

Please be sure to tell all your friends about it! I'll be updating and adding items and products in the next couple of weeks - all will be ready for Christmas delivery. 

And of course, be sure to check back with me after the new year for new work!

Happy Holidays! 

Aquababy and His Mom

After my recent shoot with Kristen, the Vampire Queen, for Halloween, I was contacted to do a series of portraits of a cosplayer, known as Adella, and her son in costume as the character Mera (Aquaman's wife) and their son Aquababy. The lovely Adella has a 2 year old son who is just as cute and blonde and precocious as the character and had no issue being dressed up to go play on the beach for the day with his mom. 

After a slightly frantic few minutes chasing down Adella's mail courier to retrieve the package that had her key prop (her trident), we headed to El Matador Beach in Malibu a couple hours before sunset to get some gorgeous shots of Mera and her son playing in the waves and surveying their domain. 

Once we were done with that look, I'd asked Adella if she'd model for me for another look I'd been wanting to do - one of a more editorial summer surfer girl look. With her huge blue eyes and long dark hair, she's perfect for that look. And catching her right at sunset we were able to get some absolutely stunning images of her in the warm light. 

More to come when the final edited shots are ready, but in the meantime, here's a few teasers images.